Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beards, boxes and bombshells

It’s been a memorable Christmas. 

It was the first Christmas in thirty-odd years that my three sisters and I have spent together. Amazingly there were no fights or fallings out, even though large quantities of alcohol were taken (mostly by me).  A good time was had by all (as far as I can remember).  My cockles were thoroughly warmed.

But let us remember the true spirit of the season.  Soppy family stuff has its place but, let’s face it, what really counts is the presents.  Here are some of the highlights:

The other-half received a fetching beardie hat:

Coming to a park bench near you

The cat received a new box:

What you looking at?

But perhaps I was the luckiest of all.  Look what I got, gift-wrapped of course:

My cup runneth over (but at least I can scrub it clean)
The scourers were a present from the other-half.  He will be sleeping in the shed for the foreseeable future.

Next stop New Year's Eve.  Have a good one everybody.  After that I will be back on the herceptin and taking up Clean Living.  Stand by for some very boring posts.


  1. Please tell us the scourers were part of some kind of joke. Is he protesting furiously in the background, unable to work out how to leave a comment?

    1. No, but he's protesting furiously from the shed.

  2. Where does one buy a beardy hat, reckon me on father would look rather fetching when on lumberjack duties!

  3. Cheers D, don't know why i didn't think of that. I blame my new year detox and running (well shuffling) for lack of initiative and nous to just type beard+hat into google! :-) Saw an A T Brown coach today and nearly tripped over trying to sing the bus song whilst carrying a bag of coal. Multi tasking still confuses and eludes me. Take care.